The Guaranteeing Revenue Results ® Workshop is specifically designed for Business Development Leaders responsible for revenue growth within government contractor organizations. This 2-day program has been developed with the input of experienced BD professionals and fosters participants’ understanding of how to build and retain an innovative BD team that can “out-perform” the competition and win.


There is more pressure than ever on BD leaders to achieve the organization revenue results. Given that there are is no  “factory” graduating qualified BD managers, sales representatives, capture managers, and proposal managers, it’s up to the senior-level BD leaders to identify, hire and retain the most qualified personnel.  They also need to ensure that their BD personnel are innovative and capable of meeting the competitive challenges that they are going to face in this market.
Key Learning Objectives

Apply new BD Leadership principals to improve revenue results 

  • Analyze the BD potential of your current and future personnel
  • Know the 6 components of BD Leadership
  • Differentiate the Leadership expectations required in various organization structure and situations
  • Identify and correct non-productive behavior in your team

Guaranteeing Revenue Results Program Content

Module 1 | The Fundamentals of Business Development Leadership

  • The key components of BD strategy, culture, plans, process and personnel, and how they align for revenue growth
  • The critical six components of BD Leadership required to Guarantee Revenue Results
  • How BMT (Build, Maintain, Turnaround) organizational situations impact BD leaders and which suit you best

Module 2 | Building and Leading High Performance Business Development Teams

  • Leveraging “more with less” in a low cost environment
  • How to improve your assessment, recruiting and interviewing of BD personnel
  • Shapers, Fakers, and RFP Chasers – what you have and what to do about it
  • Developing a self-managed, self-motivated, results focused team
  • Why it’s about “what they do and not what they say!”
  • Identifying and correcting repetitive non-productive BD behavior

Module 3 | The BD Turnaround Situation

  • How to turnaround an underperforming BD organization

Module 4 | International Business Development

  • How to compete on an International playing field


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