Business Development Accelerator Program

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Do you want to be a high performing Business Development Profession?

One of the elite, the top 3%? To do this you must consistently engage customers, identify and qualify opportunities,  shape their thinking and drive revenue results. If you want to achieve the pinnacle of BD performance, you must constantly train for greatness. To achieve this level on your own gain the knowledge you need using life experience and the school of hard knocks will take too long. Without a mentor, you will need a program like the MBD Business Development Accelerator to assist you with mentoring and to hold you accountable for performance improvement.

Business Development is both science and art. So it isn’t enough to read a few books and to hope for improvement. The introductory workshop was a great first step in learning the thinking, process and discipline required to successfully master Business Development, but now it’s time to put that learning into action.

If you want to rise to the top 3% of BD Professionals, an ongoing development program is required to ensure you implement the skills and principles learned and improve your revenue results. To achieve this level on your own gain the knowledge you need using life experience and the school of hard knocks will take too long

So how do you Master your BD results?  Take action and signup for the Business Development Accelerator program.  The Business Development Accelerator is an in depth and structured learning experience that will give you greater self-awareness, provide the process and tools to enable you to rise above the other 90%+ engaging with your customers.

Is the Business Development Accelerator Program Right for me?

Our success stories run the length and breadth of revenue generation positions from C Level Executives through Program and Capture Manager to those just starting out in their first BD role. However this program is not for everyone, if you are not fully committed to put in the effort to get really good, then you probably should waste your time. If you are in a highly commodity driven market or you like a more traditional sales approach then this program is also not for you. However if you are motivated to do better, to change your results and to master this role then enroll today. The MBDi Team will work extremely hard to make you successful but at the end of the day it’s up to you. We can provide you everything you need for success but we can’t make you successful on our own.

How do I Enroll and what are the Pre-Requisities for Joining

This program is exclusively for Graduates of an MBDi 100 Level Program. If you have not yet attended a MBD Introductory program, be sure to add a 101 Training Program to the Business Development Accelerator package when you check out.

The Business Development Accelerator Program Includes

  • Two 2-day Mastering Business Development Implementation Series Workshops
  • Online Self-Study Reinforcement Program
  • Re-attend the 3-day Mastering Business Development® Executive Workshop
  • Call in to monthly group mentoring sessions
  • Access to the MBDi Private Community Forum

Mastering Business Development Implementation Series Workshops

The Mastering Business Development Implementation Series are advanced, application level workshops open exclusively to graduates of our introductory-level workshop. These two highly interactive, independent sessions build on the first level of training, giving participants an opportunity to hone their skills and deepen their understanding of critical components necessary to confidently execute a successful Business Development process.

Online Self-Study Reinforcement Program

This self-study program anchors key learning points. It provides a structured curriculum to master the and internalize the tools, templates and methodologies learned in the Mastering Business Development Introductory training program. This curriculum consists of 11 modules, each module includes content review, skill development, script development and practical application exercises. Each module also includes a self assessment to help you determine areas where additional assistance may be required. Instructors monitor submitted coursework and provide feedback as appropriate.

Mastering Business Development Private Forum

Get peer support from others on the same journey as you. We’ve all heard the saying that “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” from Jim Rohn. And it’s absolutely true. Peers who are on the same journey you are, celebrating wins, supporting each other, helping us achieve, friendly competition, no one wants to get left behind!

Mentorship from MBD Subject Matter Experts Who have Been There.

One the the greatest factors of success is receiving guidance from a trusted advisor who has been there before – someone who has walked the walk and is passionate about helping others get there too. Its hard to think of a successful athlete or entrepreneur who hasn’t leveraged mentorship to achieve goals more quickly. In fact, mentorship is what separates amateurs from pros