Business Development Goals

Always Have a Goal; Activity Is Not Accomplishment.

Do your homework the first time and on every call. Focus your research around the 4 Cornerstones of Business Development: Technical, Business, Money and People Knowledge. Pay special attention to People Psychology knowledge: what has changed about the individual and their situation, and what additional individuals should you be contacting to secure this business?


For the first call and every call—always have a goal. Know where you are in your system, where you are starting from and what you have to do to accomplish the goal. Remember, activity is not accomplishment. Know your questions, process, and objectives on every call.


About MBDi:
Founded in 1979, MBDi is a global Business Development services firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, providing expertise in Business Development best practices in the national security, defense, scientific, energy and engineering industries. MBDi’s mission is to transform our clients’ organizations and people into proven Business Development leaders by addressing the conditions and behaviors that assure positive culture change creating clear paths to professional success.