Mastering Business Development® Executive Workshop

Participant Guidebook


1.1 Introduction

We at MBDi strive to ensure that all participants’ expectations for the MBDi Business Development Executive workshop are exceeded.  We have compiled this guide to help you prepare for this educational and professional development experience.

1.2 Purpose

This program is designed as an introductory level course that will challenge the way you think, develop business and interact with others.  Do not be misled by the title “introductory” as you will be exposed to graduate level coursework.

Our instructors present this workshop in an interventionist and Socratic manner, encouraging maximum student interaction. Your current situations and challenges will be used during multiple exercises and role-playing events. The curriculum will be relevant to you, your world and the individuals you call on, regardless of your experience and specific business development role.  The program provides an understanding of the thinking, process, skills, and discipline required to succeed in business development. 

1.3 What is included with your tuition

Your tuition for this training program covers all your workshop materials and manuals.

It will also include a snacks and lunch throughout the entire program. 

1.4 Cancellation policy

The MBDi policy at this time only allows for transfer to another program. The transfer request must be submitted in writing no less than (14) days prior to the first day of class. 

If you transfer within (14) days of the first training day, you will forfeit 50% of the tuition.  No refunds are offered if you do not attend.

MBDi reserves the right to cancel a workshop if enrollment is not sufficient.

If a class is cancelled and/or postponed you will be contacted by the Training Director to coordinate your attendance in an alternately scheduled class.

1.5   Tips to help you prepare

Your attitude coming into this workshop will directly impact the results you achieve.  Most attendees are excited and eager to learn new ways to develop business and professional relationships. 

If you come to be entertained or just want to dabble a few hours each day, you will be disappointed and leave with far less than others who will have totally invested themselves into the experience.

Before you leave home, spend some time thinking about why you believe this workshop will be valuable to your personal and professional life.  The pace of the workshop moves very fast, and you may want to relive the experience later, at a slower pace, when you return home. 

Not everything you learn and experience will have equal value.  Only time and continual reinforcement will give you the objectivity to sort out what the experience truly means to you, and how it will have a positive affect on your business development skills. 

Take good notes.

Pre-Program Preparation

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you be prepared for this class. Material on leadership, character, business, people, behavioral psychology and money knowledge, as well as business development processes and systems will all be covered.

2.1 Completing the Personal Information Worksheet (PIW)

You should have received the Personal Information Worksheet (PIW) with your registration confirmation email.

PIW Form (<– Click to Download)  It is very important that you please complete your PIW form as soon as possible and return it via email to

All information included within the PIW is strictly confidential.  Your PIW allows us to understand and address your business development challenges.  These will be used to customize the training program to enable you to achieve your desired results.

Upon review of your PIW you may be asked to participate in a teleconference with one of the MBDi training personnel to review the specific training needs and expectations which you detailed on your PIW.

2.2 Mastering Business Development Training Manual

Included in your workshop materials is our training manual, Winning Conversations: Mastering the Art of Business Development. This (12) chapter manual is the foundation of the material introduced during the program.  It is important for you to be familiar with this material prior to the start of your training.  Click here to access a PDF version of the manual.

2.3   Recommended Reading

Not all of the material covered during class is included in the manual, therefore we encourage you to read the articles below which are all live links:

In addition to the above, we recommend that you read at least one of the following books (live links):

2.4   Real-world experiences & challenges

Your “real-world” experiences and challenges will be used during the workshop and be incorporated into exercises throughout the three days.

Take the time to think about the New and Prospective Opportunities

New Opportunities

Individuals you have targeted for new business and plan to contact within 30 days after the conclusion of the workshop.

Consider the specific information you possess on the company/agency, their products and services, key people within these organizations, and anything you know about their current challenges as well as any pertinent information you are still lacking.

Prospective Opportunities

Individuals you have previously contacted within an organization and are presently developing relationships with as part of your process.  At this time you are not prepared to present a final proposal because you lack necessary information regarding specific issues and challenges, budgetary funding constraints or necessary components of the decision-making process.

2.5 The 2-minute Briefing

Please be prepared to provide the information below to the class during the introduction section of Day 1:

  • Your name, position and company name
  • What products/services your company provides and typical prospects.

Program Details


Tuesday, 22  September 2020

7:30am to 7:50am – Registration

8:00 am to 8:20 am – BD Overview & Introduction

10:00 am to 10:15 am – Break with Morning Snacks

12:00 pm to 1:15 pm – Lunch

2:45 pm to 3:00 pm – Break

4:45 pm – Conclusion of Day 1

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

8:00 am to 8:20 am – Kickoff

10:10 am to 10:40am – Break with Morning Snacks

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – Lunch

2:45 pm to 3:00 pm – Break and Afternoon Snacks

4:45 pm – Conclusion of Day 2

Thursday, 19 September 2020

8:00 am to 8:20 am – Kickoff

9:50 am to 10:20am – Break with Morning Snacks

10:20 am to 11:00 am – Q&A with Guest Panel

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – Lunch

2:20 pm to 2:50 pm – Break and Afternoon Snacks

4:30 pm – Conclusion of Day 3


3.2 Cell phones & PDAs

In order to avoid unnecessary disruptions we request you turn off and silence all cell phones and PDAs. You will have ample opportunity during the breaks to check your messages, return any urgent business calls and/or emails.

3.3 Dress Code

The workshop attire is business casual.  We invite you to dress for comfort, but in keeping with a professional image.  We also recommend you bring a sweater or jacket as ballroom type venues tend to be cool.

3.4 Training Room

Assigned seating will be established based on the information you provided in your completed PIW.

Upon registration you will receive the following signing in and at your table:

  • Seating information, name badge
  • At your table you will find your name tent and an instructors Bio.
  • The instructors will provide the Participant Contact Information and Business Development Challenges Exercise Sheet.

Upon the conclusion of day 3 you will receive the following from the instructor:

  • Evaluation Form
  • Certificate of Completion
  • PDU Letter

Please wear your name badge during the entire workshop and put your place name card facing the front of the room, so it is clearly visible to the instructor.  


Venue Information Will Be Provided 30 Days Prior to Workshop

Venues will be in beautiful SouthPark, where you can access a variety of retail shops, a movie theater, restaurants, places to walk and enjoy before or after the workshop each day.


4.1    Venue Information

The MBDi Mastering Business Development Executive Workshop location will be provided 30 days prior to the event.

4.2 Hotel Reservations

You are responsible to make your own hotel reservation. 

If the Venue Chosen has a Room Block Rate we will provide that information 30 days prior to the workshop.

4.3     Flight Arrangements

Please review the program agenda on page 10 and be sure to book your travel arrangements accordingly. 


5.1    Registration

Upon receipt of this Participant Guidebook, your registration for the workshop has been confirmed and finalized.  We will conduct an onsite registration process on the first day of your workshop, Tuesday, 17 March 2020 inside of the Training Room from 7:30 am—7:50 am.  At this time will we ask you to sign in and you will receive a  your name badge and seat assignment.

We strongly encourage you to use the time prior to the start of each program to network with your classmates. Morning snacks will be available from 10:00 to 10:15 , this is a terrific time to learn more about each other, interact and exchange ideas for potential business opportunities.

5.2    Safety Notes

Upon arrival at the first day of class and completion of your registration, please take a minute to locate the nearest exits.  In case of an emergency please:


  • Exit the venue at the closest exit doors and stay together as a group.


  • Please wait until training  personnel can conduct roll call to ensure that all participants have been accounted for and are safely out of the building.


6.1    Post-Program Assignments

Your training began with the receipt of your initial materials and will continue long after the close of the Introductory workshop.  When you return home, be certain to facilitate the following action items:


Take time to review and reflect on what you learned during your training.  Begin addressing the conceptual and mechanical challenges you face in business development.  Begin to immediately apply what you have learned in order to receive the maximum benefit from your training experience.

Remember:  If it’s to be, it is up to me!

Personal & Professional Goals

The results from your Goal Setting & Planning exercise should be read and updated on a regular basis.  Goals are a way to remind yourself where you want to be and what you want to accomplish.  It is up to you to transform and make them a reality.

Keep in Touch

This class does not end when you walk out the door.  During training you learn as much from your classmates as you do from the Instructors.  We encourage all participants to keep in touch with each other as well as the MBDi business development team.  Refer to your class participants contact sheet when you need support and/or feedback.

Certified Customer Engagement Program

The dramatic results our clients experience don’t come from just attending a single workshop.  After all, training is a process, not a 3-day event.  New skills in thinking and behavior as well as continuing practice are required to make truly lasting changes.  That is why the MBDi Business Development Process is more than a one-step journey. 

The next level of training is the Certified Customer Engagement Program.  This is reinforcement training program builds on the first level, introductory class.  This workshop focuses on skill development and deepening your understanding of the MBDi Business Development and (OI&Q)i processes. 

Success Stories

Call, email or write to us.  We are delighted to hear about your successes so that others can benefit from your experiences.  You may be asked to interview for a white paper article or webinar we are producing, so we welcome you to tell us about your business development experiences.


7.1     About Mastering Business Development, Inc.

MBDi is an international Business Development Services firm providing a range of Planning, People and Process resources designed to guarantee revenue growth. Our Business Development expertise and technical industry qualifications make us unique in the marketplace.

7.2 Our Mission

Our mission is to drive revenue growth through organizational change by providing business development resources, elevated thinking, knowledge, processes and skills while remaining committed to the core values of accountability, integrity, trust and mutual respect.

7.3     Professional Services

MBDi is a professional services company focusing exclusively on our clients business development and revenue growth challenges.  We concentrate on business development organization assessment, planning, recruitment/placement, curriculum development, training implementation and process design services.

We offer a wide range of business development resources in conjunction with a proprietary business development methodology guaranteed to accelerate our clients’ revenue growth.

What we do for our clients

  • Conduct present state assessments of our clients’ business development people, systems and processes to formulate recommendations for growth
  • Build, integrate or turn-around business development organizations
  • Develop and assist in implementing strategic, operational and tactical business development plans
  • Evaluate and source business development leaders and teams
  • Design, build and implement business development processes to guarantee revenue growth
  • Design, develop and deliver customized business development training
  • Evaluate and assist in the selection of CRM systems

How we assist your company achieve revenue growth

  • Protect your current revenue base while creating organic growth
  • Drive strategic growth and assure a full pipeline
  • Merge and integrate diverse business operations and new acquisitions
  • Implement processes and systems to maximize business development activity, accountability, follow-up and follow-through
  • Leverage skills of existing personnel, capital, client relationships and organizational resources to propel revenue growth
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • The different psychological profiles of BD Majors verses BD Minors
  • Criteria to evaluate personnel for a BD role
  • Why behavioral psychology is a critical knowledge competency for success in Business Development
  • The four distinctive BD roles and how to understand, assess and coach those individuals critical to revenue growth
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • The eight-element approach to turning around revenue growth
  • Critical components for a high performing BD organization
  • Is it possible to change the culture of a BD organization?
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • What a new BD culture incorporates
  • Why BD culture change produces a greater return on investment than strategy
  • How external catalysts are critical to changing BD culture
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • Why trust is important in developing business
  • Why a client engagement process mapped to a qualification/disqualification phase is necessary
  • The three early shaping environments impacting your revenue results
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • What the true ROI is for training and development investments
  • How installing a purpose-driven client engagement process impacts pipeline quality
  • Why to fund education, coaching and professional development for effective customer engagement thinking and skills
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • The missing link in most Business Development processes
  • What is HUMINT® and why it's a critical component in intelligence gathering
  • How credibility in BD is determined by the level and type of questions asked
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Issue Paper:
  • Hiring retired senior military personnel for Business Development positions is a common practice in the Government Contracting industry. No matter how rational the custom of having retired military personnel call on their former subordinates now running government agencies or departments may seem, this scenario actually produces three troubling contradictions, one each from the individual, the corporation and the marketplace.
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • Key Indicators of Revenue Growth Stagnation or Contraction
  • Stovepipe to Strategic: Restructuring the Business Development Model
  • Steps for Implementation
  • Assess the Present State of a Business Development Organization
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • Indications of Business Development model problems
  • Business Development Strategy, Planning and Capabilities
  • Opportunity Identification & Qualification vs. The Crystal Ball.
  • Business Development Professionals vs. Door-Openers and Butterfly Catchers
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Issue Paper:
  • Few positions have the success of an organization weighing upon them like those in Business Development.
  • Once the hiring decision is made, a substantial and long-term investment of time and finance is required to launch the individual to the point where they are building relationships, qualifying and shaping opportunities and building a pipeline.
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • Do You Need a Special Ops Team of Super Hunters for Your Organization?
  • Should You Stand Up a BD Strike Team?
  • Characteristics of a BD Strike Team Leader
  • Stand Up and Deliver: The Strategic Advantage
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • A proven Intel Gathering Strategy to fortify decision-making and drive revenue results
  • The difference between companies that make good “Pursuit/No Pursuit” decisions and those that don't.
  • The five stages of the Intelligence Cycle
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • Lifting a page from the small company Business Development playbook can be a game-changing strategy in this transformed environment.
  • Game-Changing Structure Strategy
  • The Case for Professional Development
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Issue Paper:
  • Want to get inside your customer’s head and discover the real issues? Then go to the source and just ask!
  • Are you gathering Data or Source HUMINT ®
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Issue Paper:
  • Determining Barriers & Overcoming Obstacles to Growing Revenue in a Recessionary Economy
  • Moving the Needle in Tough Times
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In this White Paper you will learn:
  • Guidelines for leveraging products and services to international military/defense markets in Government Contracting.
  • Top Ten List for International Business Development Success in Government Contracting
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