The Mastering Business Development Audio Series contains over six hours of Business Development insights. This program is based on the Mastering Business Development Training Program and the Winning Conversations: Mastering The Art Of Business Development manual available on Amazon.

Now you can be exposed to the same training and become proficient in a time-tested methodology proven to deliver results with the Mastering Business Development Audio Series.  Mastering Business Development’s patented Business Development Process has been adopted as the corporate standard by many of the world’s leading firms. Why? Business development leaders turn to us because they know our methodology works and they have the revenue results to prove it.

How do the world’s leading Business Development teams achieve optimal performance? They are provided professional development in and adhere to a common, proven Business Development Methodology. With a unified approach to business development in place, team members of leading firms:

  • Approach customers in a consistent manner using a method proven to deliver more predictable results
  • Speak the same language for improved, streamlined communication
  • Use the same metrics to measure progress for efficient reporting and management involvement.


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