Mastering the Client Engagement Process is part of the MBD Advanced Implementation Series offered exclusively to MBD graduates.Enhance your understanding of how to proactively engage with customers to develop long-term relationships. This is essential in identifying and shaping opportunities early and gathering the required intelligence. You will learn how to master the MBDi methodology, identify and shape Business Development opportunities early, and gather required intelligence to enhance your success.

After Mastering the Client Engagement Process course completion, you will have a more in-depth grasp of the 4 Phases of the Client Engagement Process, and be better equipped to get beyond the personality-driven client call, to uncover your prospect’s core issues and gather quality human intelligence HUMINT®.

This two-day workshop builds on the broad range of material covered in your introductory Mastering Business Development® Workshop. These sessions are highly interactive, including considerable role playing, exercises, peer coaching and other interactive activities all focused to assist you in mastering the implementation of the MBD Business Development Processes®.

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