The Problem the Prospect Brings You Is Never the Real Problem.

Business Development Professionals learn that people ultimately buy to avoid or overcome what they perceive to be a problem, dissatisfaction or disappointment. People buy to avoid a negative, not to pursue a positive.

The negative is often described as the prospect’s pain. It is important to understand that the prospect does not initially tell you what their pain really is. Even prospects who admit they have problems will tend to discount, intellectualize or deflect the real issue. They have learned that if they give the intellectual or superficial symptoms of the problem, the typical salesperson is satisfied. It is the responsibility of the Business Development Professional to dig behind the intellectual information provided and ask, “What does that mean? Why is that? What is the core issue driving this problem?” Using questions to get beyond symptoms to the root cause of the pain is rather like a medical practitioner asking probing questions during a medical examination.

Business Development Professionals understand the Principle of the First Cause which says, “For a person to have a need to buy, they must have a problem or issue to avoid.” Identifying how that issue or problem affects a person on an individual basis is referred to as first-person, personal pain, which is the real driving force motivating an individual to seek a solution.

Business Development Professionals understand that the problems prospects bring are almost never the real problems, but rather the intellectualization, symptoms or deflecting issues relating to the problem.

First-person, personal pain is the real driving force motivating an individual to seek a solution.

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