Business Development Consulting

Achieve Significant Revenue Results.

The most successful businesses are the ones that have a coordinated and aligned organization centered on their mission, business objectives, and processes. Depending on your needs and requirements, MBDi’s Business Development Consulting Services include working closely with you to help define and develop your overall Business Development process, along with any of the various BD processes within the overall process, identify best practices within your organization, build models to improve or replicate these processes and measure the results. For over 42 years our Business Development consulting services been proven to work for hundreds of clients.

Our Business Development Subject Matter Experts Think Holistically To Identify The Real Issues, Not The Perceived Issues.

The decision to engage Business Development subject matter experts (SMEs), who also possess deep experience in your industry, can dramatically increase your odds of achieving your desired revenue growth goals. Our Business Development SMEs think holistically to identify the real issues, not the perceived issues.
Our Business Development Consultants Seek Out The Following:
  • Lack of BD process or adherence to the process
  • Ineffective organizational structure
  • Insufficient controls or metrics
  • Unqualified or inexperienced people
  • Misaligned incentives
  • Reactive mindset and behavior

We Understand The Nuances of Your Industry and Understand Your Mission

Specializing exclusively in Business Development and serving only a small, select group of industries, MBDi consultants are true SMEs who quickly identify gaps and misalignments in your BD organization. Because of our acute understanding of your industry coupled with deep knowledge of Business Development best practices, we have helped Business Development leaders achieve remarkable, above-market revenue results for over 35 years. In large firms, we partner with senior level Business Development executives at the business unit level. At smaller firms, we work alongside the CEO, President, or SVP of Strategy. Because our executive consultants have held these same roles, they speak your same language. They understand the nuances of your industry and they understand the mission.

Where Our Focus Lies

  • Process Development
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Opportunity Pipeline/Funnel Review
  • Talent Lifecycle Assistance
  • Opportunity and Capture Team Review

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