In-Person Workshop with Live Instruction

Mastering the Art of Business Development™

Individual - 2 Day In-Person Workshop

Two (8 Hour Days) | 16 Hrs

Day 1:

Theory, Concepts & Principles (Right Brain)
  • Understanding the Role of Business Development
  • Introduction to Purpose Driven Leadership
  • Uncovering Mechanical & Conceptual Limitations
  • Importance of Behavioral Psychology in BD
  • Discovering How & Why People Buy

Day 2:

Processes, Techniques & Application (Left Brain)
  • Internal & External BD Processes
  • Early Opportunity Identification & Qualification – (OI&Q)
  • Tracking Opportunities, Intel & Prospects
  • HUMINT® Client Engagement Process
  • Mastering Dialogue & Intel Gathering Skills

Individual - 3 Day In-Person Workshop

Day 1:

Understanding the Role of Business Development
  • Introduction to BD and the 12 Core Competencies
  • Uncovering Mechanical & Conceptual Limitations
  • Importance of Leadership, Integrity, and Character 
  • Differentiating between Purpose and Goal
  • Exploring the Concepts of Self-Identity and Role-Identity
  • Personal Goal Setting & Planning

Day 2:

Behavioral Psychology and Systems & Processes
  • Introduction to Transactional Analysis in BD
  • The Psychology of How & Why People Buy
  • Internal vs. External BD Processes
  • Early Shaping OI&Q Phase
  • Tracking Opportunities, Prospects & Intel

Day 3:

MBDi HUMINT® Client Engagement Process (CEP)
  • Trust and Respect Script Development
  • Diagnostic Interview/Qualifying & Shaping Skills
  • Phase 1 CEP – Analysis, Intel Gathering & Planning
  • Phase 2 CEP – Preparing for the Call (Trust and Respect Script Development)
  • Phase 3 CEP – Executing the Call (Diagnostic Interview/Qualifying & Shaping Skills)
  • Phase 4 CEP – Document, Evaluate, Validate & Update

Private Training

Available for Corporate Teams

Successful corporate, or company, sales teams, are given the tools to succeed in building revenue growth and establishing customer intimacy. Our certified customer engagement training curriculum focuses on optimizing each team member’s individual thinking and behavior, based on their role and customer engagement focus. Depending on your organization’s customer engagement needs and your professional development requirements, your team can complete select business development classes or the entire series.