Develop a Winning Mentality with the

Mastering Business Development™

Sales Training Workshop

Business Development Training

What You'll Gain.

Increase Your Success With These Key Business Development Training Program Skills
MBDi - New Thinking

New Thinking

Gain the thinking, behavior and techniques for proactive client engagement and revenue generation.

MBDi - Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

Master diagnostic interviewing skills to uncover the client’s core issues.

MBDi - Prospect Identification

Prospect Identification

Leverage proven Principles of Behavioral Psychology to identify valid prospects and pipeline opportunities.

MBDi - Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Employ the steps of the MBDi HUMINT® Customer Engagement Process to obtain the quality intelligence needed to move opportunities through your pipeline.

MBDi - Understanding

The Customer Why

Develop a better understanding of the psychology of how and why customers “buy” when making sourcing decisions.

MBDi - Qualification

Prospect Qualification

Learn to encourage customers to participant in your opportunity Identification and Qualification (OI&Q)i phase, rather than being drawn into their RFP process.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to the 12 Core Competencies of Business Development
  • How Leadership and Character Drive Business Development
  • Why Business Development Professionals Struggle
  • Understanding How Your Self-worth is Not Dependent on Your Roles
  • The Difference Between Purpose and Goal in Business Development
  • The 4 Cornerstones of Business Development
  • Reasons Business Development Professionals Sometimes Fail
  • Self Identity vs Role Identity Management Rules
  • The Psychological Challenges in the Business Development Role
  • Risking & Failing in Business Development
  • The Importance of Personal Goal-setting & Planning
  • Understanding Self-motivation
  • Introduction to Transactional Analysis
  • The Parent & Critical Parent Ego States
  • The Nurturing Parent Ego State
  • The Child Ego State
  • The Adult Ego State
  • The Psychology of How People Buy
  • Demonstrating Pain as the First Cause
  • The Buying Decision Formula
  • The Psychological Pressure of Business Development Roles
  • Why You Need a Business Development System or Process
  • Internal vs. External Processes
  • Difference Between Traditional Sales & Business Development
  • Opportunity & Intel Funnel
  • Proactive vs Reactive Business Development Opportunity Identification
  • The Early Shaping (OI&Q)i Phase Benefits
  • Why Disqualify Opportunities Early
  • Introduction to the HUMINT® Client Engagement process
  • Phases of the HUMINT® CEP
  • Understanding Opportunity Analysis, Intel Gathering & Shaping
  • The Difference Between Intel & Data
  • Trust & Respect Script Development
  • Negotiating Rules, Rights & Responsibilities
  • Guidelines for Executing the Intel Gathering Call
  • Intel Gathering Skills
  • The Art of the Interview
  • The Pain Interview
  • Guidelines for Diagnostic Interview
  • Closing Interview Calls
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Intel Validation
  • Post Call Planning

Business Development Training Delivered in Two Formats:

MBDi – Online Training

4 - Day Virtual Instruction

2 Days per week for 2 weeks

MBDi – On-Site Training

2 or 3 - Day In-Person Training

Private Training

Available for Corporate Teams

Successful corporate, or company, sales teams, are given the tools to succeed in building revenue growth and establishing customer intimacy. Our certified customer engagement training curriculum focuses on optimizing each team member’s individual thinking and behavior, based on their role and customer engagement focus. Depending on your organization’s customer engagement needs and your professional development requirements, your team can complete select business development training classes or the entire series.

What Makes Our Training Different?

For over 42 years, MBDi  has helped government contracting (DOD) firms – including those in the national security, defense, scientific, energy and engineering industries – improve sales efficiency and effectiveness through our sales training workshops. By consistently tackling the complex revenue growth issues such as building customer intimacy, we have earned their respect as a trusted partner.

Sales Training Experts

Our subject matter experts are all former CEOs, managing partners, senior military officers, or senior business development leaders with real-world experience and a focus on increasing Pwin. They provide a full range of revenue growth and sales knowledge, business development intel and behavioral psychology training to help you and your team drive revenue results that are second to none.

Proven Training That Works

Over 90% of our business comes from repeat customers and customer referrals for good reason. Our sales training graduates consistently increase customer intimacy and improve win rates by becoming more efficient and effective at engaging customers in winning conversations. What we teach works. Just ask our past attendees.

What Our Graduates are Saying

“Mastering Business Development™ has enlightened me to the conceptual as well as the mechanical aspects of BD, and also on the difference between BD and Sales. My objective for attending has been met and exceeded.”

Mike Hucks | Director, Non-intrusive Inspection | Smiths Detection

“In the increasingly competitive landscape we foresee, mastery of the art of business development is essential in achieving growth. The training we received from MBDi has been instrumental in shaping our business developers into a high-performing team to make that growth possible.”

Charles Rash | VP Operations | Potomac River Group, LLC

“MBDi training changed my entire approach to Business Development, and the results have been tangible and significant. I recommend it for everyone who wants to be successful in Business Development.”

Steve Adragna | Senior VP & General Manager | Arcanum Global