Educational Needs Assessment

Identify The Gaps and Misalignments in Your BD organization's Core Competencies

Pinpoint The Right Direction, Coaching and Professional Development Your Team Needs

MBDi has been conducting comprehensive BD assessments for over 30 years specifically in your industry and know what it takes to drive revenue. While our Revenue Generation Assessment consists of a comprehensive, broad based review of the eight (8) key components that are found in all successful BD organizations, our Educational Needs Assessment uses the same methodology but focuses only on the four (4) key components on the operational/tactical side of your BD organization, specifically People, Process, Plans, and Leadership.

Because these four components are covered as part of the comprehensive Revenue Generation Assessment, it is not necessary to perform the Educational Needs Assessment when you conduct the Revenue Generation Assessment. This assessment captures the present state of revenue growth capability within your entire BD organization creating a baseline from which to compare against top performing BD organizations in your industry.

A Sampling of What Is Evaluated

Our assessment includes a thorough review of:

  • Review of your operational and tactical BD plans
  • Evaluation of your direct and indirect BD personnel capabilities and limitations
  • Evaluation of your BD leadership capabilities
  • Analysis of your organizational Business Development process
  • Analysis of your BD personnel leadership including their behavioral psychology competencies
  • Evaluation of your BD organization’s structure, documentation and execution of the Client Engagement Process
MBDi – Revenue Generation Assessment

12 Core Competencies of Business Development

This assessment also addresses the 12 Core Competencies of Business Development and captures the present state of individual thinking, discipline, processes, customer engagement methodologies, hunting/farming skills, leadership capabilities, and BD plans.
MBDi – 12 Core Competencies of Business Development

Know Up Front Where To Focus Efforts & Resources

The Educational Needs Assessment may be conducted as a standalone without the Revenue Generation Assessment. However, our client history shows those who conduct the MBDi Revenue Generation Assessment experience the maximum revenue results over those who opt only to conduct the MBDi Educational Needs Assessment.

The decision is yours.

The Educational Needs Assessment Will:
  • Confirm or deny the consistent use of a proven customer engagement methodology across your enterprise
    Identify the presence or absence of honed “hunting” and “farming” skills aligned with your BD organization’s needs
  • Confirm or deny the right type of thinking and behaviors are present to drive revenue results
  • Review your operational, tactical and account plans to identify misalignments or gaps
  • Identify the presence or absence of BD processes including early shaping and opportunity identification and qualification components
  • Confirm or deny a proven customer engagement model is in place and consistently used throughout the BD organization
  • Prove or disprove the ability and commitment of leadership and personnel to achieve the desired revenue growth goals
    Evaluate the BD organization structure where accountability and resources lie to achieve goals
  • Review position descriptions, skills, metrics and KPIs for Business Development roles to identify misalignments or gaps
  • Review Business Development career path and succession plan evaluations to determine if optimal

We Provide You The Roadmap For Corrective Action Whether or Not You Engage With Us Further

Once your Educational Needs Assessment is complete, a final report will be presented, which will include our key findings and observations with a list of recommended educational needs of your BD organization. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive plan detailing specific course selections for each individual or level of your BD organization complete with recommended timelines to ensure revenue results.