Revenue Generation Assessment

Identify The Gaps and Misalignments in Your BD Organization's Core Competencies to Address The Real Issues Hindering Your Revenue Results

MBDi has been conducting comprehensive BD assessments for over 30 years specifically in your industry and know what it takes to drive revenue. Our Revenue Generation Assessment consists of a comprehensive, broad based review of the eight (8) key components that are found in all successful BD organizations (see graphic below). This assessment captures the present state of revenue growth capability within your entire BD organization creating a baseline from which to compare against top performing BD organizations in your industry.
MBDi – Revenue Generation Assessment

A Sampling of What Is Evaluated

Our assessment includes a thorough review of:

  • Business Development capability
  • Short-term and long-term strategies
  • Product and/or service offerings
  • Position in markets
  • Corporate BD culture
  • Matrix or direct BD structure
  • Capacity to execute on strategic objectives
  • Review of your operational and tactical BD plans
  • Evaluation of your direct and indirect
  • BD personnel capabilities and limitations
  • Evaluation of your BD leadership capabilities
  • Analysis of your organizational
  • Business Development process
  • Analysis of your BD personnel leadership including their behavioral psychology competencies
  • Evaluation of your BD organization’s structure, documentation and execution of the
  • Client Engagement Process

Identify The Real Issues Hindering Your Results

The Revenue Generation Assessment reviews both your corporate/strategic and the operational/tactical sides of your BD organization for a comprehensive, holistic view. For maximum revenue results, we highly recommend the Revenue Generation Assessment to identify all gaps and misalignments within your entire BD organization so corrective action can be taken from top to bottom. This is the path taken by our clients who have experienced the highest degree of revenue results.
The Revenue Generation Assessment Will:
  • Evaluate if Business Development is operating at optimal efficiency and effectiveness with the shortest sales cycles
    Validate or discredit if a proactive, customer-centric mindset exists throughout your BD organization
  • Evaluate how well the Business Development function interfaces with strategic planning, proposal and project management functions
  • Identify gaps and misalignments among your Business Development core competencies including strategy, capability, culture, organization structure, planning, processes, people, and leadership

We Provide You The Roadmap For Corrective Action Whether or Not You Engage With Us Further

Once your assessment is complete, a final report will be presented, which will include our key findings and observations with a list complete with overview of any gaps and misalignments identified in the eight (8) primary BD components. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive plan detailing specific corrective action steps to adjust your alignment and fill the gaps to drive revenue results. We are committed to helping you find the best solution for your revenue generation challenges whether or not you engage with us further.