C3 (Credibility, Confidence & Courage) = Success in Business Development

Credibility, Confidence and Courage are three interwoven factors that are essential to an individual’s success in Business Development. These key elements make us powerful, efficient and [...]


Know that you have value in the relationship

The distinguishing factor in many business development situations is you as an individual. Know yourself, your principals, your purpose, your values and your ethics. Have confidence in your [...]

Conceptually – Stay outside your comfort zone

In Business Development, it's never about you. It's all about the client and their needs, their concerns, their perspective of the problem, and ultimately, their decision about the solution. In [...]


Your Purpose Statement

Leadership in Business Development is about character. Being a leader, rising to the top 3% in your profession, is anchored on your principles, ethics and values. Your purpose... what you do for [...]


Always have a goal; activity is not accomplishment

Do your homework the first time and on every call. Focus it around the Four Cornerstones of Business Development. Pay special attention to people knowledge; what has changed about the individual [...]


You Will Never Listen Yourself Out of Business.

This insight is one of the better understood principles relating to the difference between traditional sales and Business Development. Simply put, if your objective is to develop business with [...]


Don’t Get Mad At People For Doing What You Never Told Them Not to Do.

As professionals in Business Development we have to take responsibility for the nature of our relationship with our customer. Prevent issues from becoming negative issues by negotiating and [...]