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Is Your Company in a Graveyard Spiral?

Is Your Company in a Graveyard Spiral?

OK. You just spotted an RFP on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website that is a perfect match for your government contracting business. It’s exactly the kind of work you do and unquestionably the type of expertise and experience your company possesses. So you need to immediately gather the troops and get everyone started on writing the proposal. A no-brainer right? Wrong. Before you do anything, you need to answer these questions. Do you really know this customer and truly understand the issues behind the proposal? And even more importantly; does this customer know you? If not, you may be in serious trouble.

Do You Know Your 3-Cs?

To Be Successful in Business Development … Know Your 3-Cs

The 3-Cs, Credibility, Confidence and Courage, are three interwoven factors that are essential to an individual’s success in developing business. These key elements make us efficient and effective in the role. Any one of these three attributes is powerful by itself. Acquired together, they provide a formidable advantage for the professional in Business Development and sets us apart from our competition.