Fishing versus Catching, Hunting versus Bagging

Fishing versus Catching, Hunting versus Bagging

Early American pioneers quickly learned that if you didn’t hunt and fish, you wouldn’t eat. The same is true for Business Development Professionals. Individuals may see themselves as pioneers in their organizations, exploring new markets or searching for new opportunities. However, there are many folks in Business Development roles who have never learned to be self-sufficient. They’ve been a part of an industry or organization where strong demand exists and market position is so dominant, that business develops itself and order-taking is the rule of the day.

Unfortunately this rarely lasts, as markets mature and competition appears. But frequently, the mindset or culture remains. Business Development personnel begin to believe that a “job fairy” makes visits on a regular basis, and they wait in eager anticipation for the next deal or project to appear. Many organizations and Business Development individuals have found themselves in serious financial straits relying on business they didn’t generate.

The hunter or fisher mind-set is a learned mentality of the “intrepreneurial” Business Development Professional. They’ve learned the thinking, discipline and process of proactively producing business. These professionals learned that to eat, they must know how to hunt and fish, regardless of conditions. However, not every day in the field or on the water will bring success. The same is true for Business Development. Not every call will produce a prospect or a sale. If it did, we’d call it catching and bagging, not hunting and fishing.

Working hard and smart every day to proactively generate business on your own makes you a better revenue producer. The lessons learned, relationships developed and problems solved make for a day well spent and a career well served.

Be proactive and self-sufficient. Learn to hunt and fish. You’ll learn a lot about yourself … and you might just help the economy too!