Goal Power: All Motivation Is Ultimately Self-Motivation.

It has been mentioned before that all motivation is self-motivation. But, this time we’ll focus on the power that goals have as a motivation catalyst. More than most fields, Business Development is a self-managing profession driven by goals, not controls. Goals become a tangible expression of what motivates a Business Development Professional. It’s surprising how often individuals charged with Business Development do not realize that goal setting and subsequent goal achievement are the most important characteristics of their success in this role.

This goal-setting stuff may sound a bit naïve, but we’ve seen the powerful results of simple goal-setting exercises. We strongly believe that personal and professional Goal Setting and Planning are integral building blocks for Business Development effectiveness. This experience has helped many of our clients become decision-makers, making better decisions professionally and personally through goal setting in both of these areas.

From our considerable experience in directing effective Business Development teams, we’ve learned that both personal and organizational goals and plans must exist and be aligned to permit a synergistic mix for team success. Now is the optimum time to re-examine your progress on your own personal and professional goals and realign accordingly. It’s never too late to proactively establish well-defined goals that are congruent with your company’s mission and that are well aligned with your personal roles. Without goals, life isn’t lived to its fullest. Goals provide the motivation to make this possible.