If Your Head Doesn't Get There First, Your Tail Never Will.

If Your Head Doesn’t Get There First, Your Tail Never Will.

For any professional development or transformation of behavior to be effective, you have to change thinking. It’s thinking that drives behavior, which drives results. In order to be successful in Business Development, you have to understand the difference between strategic level thinking and tactical or transactional relationships.

Many traditional salespeople get caught in the trap of traditional, transactional selling. Using other questioning techniques, more probes, reversals or mechanics will not substantially change the outcome of that transactional relationship.

In order for individuals to rise to the top 3% in the Business Development role, they must learn how to think at the strategic level, realize what long-term value they bring to the relationship, and partner with their customer or client. People are treated consistent with their level of thinking. In order to relate to senior level decision makers you must learn how to think like a senior level decision maker.

In order to develop a strategic relationship at the executive level, you must transform your thinking to that level … and the rest of you will follow.