Business Development Training

Master Long-Term Thinking Like a Business Person versus Short-Term Thinking Like a Salesperson.

From many years of experience, we know that the top 3%—the true professionals in Business Development—have learned how to change their thinking. Not only have they learned how to think like a professional business person; more importantly, they have learned the thinking and the ethos of a leader.

Thinking like a true Business Development Professional involves a complete understanding of the 12 Core Competencies of Business Development. This way of thinking is substantially different than traditional sales thinking. These individuals understand that first this thinking is all about who they are as individuals and leaders with their principles, their values and their purpose.

This thinking is also about what they know, including technical knowledge, understanding of their customer’s business, knowing how to help clients make money and an in-depth understanding of psychology and human behavior. The business person understands that it is much more than simply systems and skills, goals and plans. They have developed long-term, right-brained, strategic thinking in addition to short-term, left-brained, sales thinking. The true business person is well-balanced, mature, competent, and has a long-term focus. They keep the end in mind, which is creating a long-term professional business relationship that transcends the short-term sale.

Mastering Business Development Workshop and learn how this workshop addresses BD challenges and graduates leave with the understanding of why and how customers buy. Graduates take away best practices, a framework and a strategy that can be applied immediately and incorporated into their business development process to increase leads, customer engagement and revenue generation.