There a no customers who do not buy, but simply prospects who fail to qualify.

There Are No Customers Who Do Not Buy, but Simply Prospects Who Fail to Qualify.

Many people in sales and Business Development believe the reason a prospect didn’t buy is that they lacked sufficient information, enough justification or adequate incentives convincing them to buy. This is an example of a traditional push-sell philosophy and the peddler mentality.

In reality, the Business Development Professional quickly recognizes that this prospect failed to qualify for their product or service. Either they didn’t have pain, weren’t aware of it and motivated to do something about it, or other significant conditions were present that should have disqualified them earlier in the process. Prospects cannot be expected nor pushed to buy a product or service that they do not see addressing an issue of significance to them at that particular time.

It is not our sales ability as professionals that win us business. What makes the sale is our skill to quickly and efficiently qualify prospects that have the motivation and means to purchase our products and services.