Business Development Thinking Before Trouble

Thinking Comes Right Before Trouble.

We have all heard that any strength to an extreme is a weakness, although many of us fail to really understand this principle. Knowing our strengths and seeing them as potential limitations, will assist us in avoiding situations that occur due to complacency or over-confidence.

Many of us who engage in Business Development are intellectually capable and, as a result, we are always thinking. It is our nature to wonder about what will happen next and why; to anticipate the next move and then how to react. This over-analyzing becomes a limitation when working in the role of Business Development. The overly-capable, intellectual Business Developer will ascribe meaning, make assumptions and leap to conclusions. This is done rather than taking the time to slow down, engage with the prospect at their pace, ask questions, listen to the answers, and then follow up on replies to gather further clarification. Their thinking has hindered them from truly listening to and focusing on the position of the client. Invariably, this results in the Business Developer losing control of their process. They are soon in trouble, and they revert to selling.

Over-thinking, over-analyzing, anticipating or “listening with your motor running,” are all sure signs that trouble is just ahead. Too much thinking without really listening comes right before trouble.