Your Meter Is Always Running. It’s Always a Business Relationship.

People in Business Development frequently have problems separating business from personal relationships. They think if they develop a personal relationship with a prospect or client, it will enhance their ability to develop business. Unfortunately, once you develop a personal relationship, you lose perspective. You begin to see things from a personal perspective rather than a business perspective. Be professionally involved but emotionally detached.

If you are more interested in maintaining personal relationships than serving clients’ needs and solving their problems, you lose your professional, objective perspective, and you cease to be of value to your clients. Prospects or clients deserve the courtesy of being able to honestly evaluate you on a professional, business basis. They should not be encumbered by personal situations or personal involvement with you. Be careful of crossing the fine line from business to personal. You are always on stage with your prospect.

If you don’t know if you’re on stage … you’re on stage.