Credibility, Confidence and Courage = Success in BD

C3 (Credibility, Confidence & Courage) = Success in Business Development

Credibility, Confidence and Courage are three interwoven factors that are essential to an individual’s success in Business Development. These key elements make us powerful, efficient and effective in the role. Any one of these attributes is powerful by itself. Acquired together, they provide a formidable advantage for the professional in Business Development.

Credibility is the value we see in ourselves as being an integral part of helping others with their challenges. Instead of relying on our product’s features and benefits, or company’s name brand, history or expertise, you know what the prospect’s pain looks and fells like from their point of view. The knowledge that you are able to help others solve their problems from their perspective, is a profoundly powerful position.

After hours of study, practice and learning from our mistakes, we’re prepared and have Confidence in executing our Business Development Process: we know what to do, how to do it and why it works.

And, as a professional, we are anchored in the principles and values that give us Courage to do what’s right for the client. Courage comes from having total confidence in our Business Development process. We put our Purpose (helping prospects discover what their problems are and finding solutions – whether or not they purchase from us), before our Goal of making a sale. We know it’s the right thing to do in building a long term relationship.