Defense Your Limitations

Defend Your Limitations and, Sure Enough, They’re Yours.

We frequently encounter individuals who, when challenged with why they continually do things a certain way, will defend their position and the thinking driving their behavior—even when they know the outcome is inherently limited. Unfortunately, this is a natural tendency in all of us, since we rationalize what we’ve done regardless of the results obtained. After all rationalization is the key to mental health.

It is seldom the limitations of our behavior that get us into unfavorable situations, but rather the limitations in our thinking. It’s a natural tendency to believe that the thinking we displayed in a particular situation was correct. The limitations in our thinking hold us prisoner to our present situations. Defending these limitations ensures we are limited in our personal and professional growth. The ability to self-analyze the thinking process driving your behavior, without trying to defend it, allows you to uncover the limitations that are holding you back. It has been said that the combination of ignorance and arrogance is unhealthy. Being unaware of your limitations and/or defending them, is a sure way to inhibit your opportunities in the role of Business Development.

Business Development is a role in which you are challenged on a constant basis to analyze and adjust your thinking and your behavior to move past these limitations.