People Don't Fight Change ... They Fight Being Changed.

People Don’t Fight Change … They Fight Being Changed.

Most people would say they advocate change and would agree that a certain variety in life adds excitement and makes things more interesting. Be it the change of the seasons or the change in Business Development opportunities, all of us take to something new. Unfortunately, we tend to bring a lot of our old thinking and ways to these new opportunities. In the modern world change is constant; countless activities that were performed manually for generations before are now automated. The way we communicate has changed radically in the new millennium, and this rate of change is ever accelerating.

People tend to get comfortable with the way they approach relationships. They allow themselves to stay in a psychological and emotional comfort zone, which significantly limits their potential and growth. Complacency is a rut—and that rut is a grave with no end. We seldom encourage other people to challenge us to change. We challenge ourselves to change even less frequently. Only through reevaluating our thinking and how we approach our day-to-day behavior will we be able to capitalize on any new opportunities. Change begins from within, and is seldom initiated until the pain of change is less than the pain we are in.