Every Day You Do Business with Someone, You Are One Day Closer to Ending It.

This insight is often misunderstood and can be confusing if you don’t understand the principle behind it. We all assume that once we have worked hard and won the client’s trust, they are ours forever. In our arrogance, we believe they are loyal and appreciative of what we provide them and are never vulnerable to the competition.

Professionals in Business Development understand that their job is to help prospects uncover problems, help them to recognize these challenges and assist them in finding solutions, whether they purchase them from us or not. Should you be fortunate enough to win trust, respect and business from a customer, your responsibility is to provide solutions to their problems as quickly as possible. Here is a paradox to consider: work hard to work yourself out of business, and clients will give you more business.

If you make the mistake of assuming that your client owes you business, based on the past relationship, you are one day closer to losing the client. Past clients owe you nothing! Every day is a new day in Business Development. You earn your business on each call and with each situation. It is the client’s unilateral privilege to extend the relationship to you, which allows you to be in the preferred position for future business.