A Good Business Development System Forces You to Get Noes Early

A Good System Forces You to Get Noes Early and Often.

Many traditional sales processes are push-oriented and focused on features and benefits. These processes attempt to convince prospects that they need products or services. This methodology is based on the premise that if there is a need, prospects should say yes by acknowledging their need and buying the product or service. Very few, if any, sales processes operate from the premise that people buy for their reasons and never yours. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean they need it!

A good Business Development process disqualifies unqualified opportunities early and often. It is set up to disqualify individuals early if there are no problems that can be solved, if there is no budget, or if the individuals are not prepared to invest funds to solve the problems. Getting noes early and often, valuing the noes, and understanding that by successfully disqualifying unqualified situations quickly, you are then free to invest your time dealing with valuable prospects who need and are willing to purchase your products or services.

Learn the value of noes. Encourage your prospects to disqualify themselves early, saving valuable time and effort in determining whether or not you can benefit each other.

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