Business Development - Everybody wants to go to heaven - but nobody wants to die

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven … Nobody Wants to Die.

If you really want to be successful in any role in life, especially the role of Business Development, you have to be prepared to pay full price one time. This is true about any role in your life. Most of us are not aware of what “full price” means to truly master a role. It is a life-long journey, both in personal and professional development. In its simplest form, it says that everyone wants the reward … nobody really wants to do all of the work. A lot of people are what could be considered successful in their roles. They simply can’t or won’t pay the full price to become the very best in those roles. Most traditional salespeople look, sound and act the same. There isn’t much to differentiate them. Those individuals who have paid the full price, made the sacrifices, challenged themselves professionally, improved themselves personally—especially on conceptual and leadership matters—enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This particular insight is not unique to MBDi. It has been around for some time. Learn what the full price in a role means and be prepared to pay it one time. Life’s journey is about enjoying the day-to-day challenges, accepting them, mastering them and earning the reward.

It’s never too late to begin that journey.