Principles, Purpose and Process

Professionals in Business Development understand the interrelationship among principles, purpose and process. In your initial contact with potential clients, here are the first three things they want to know:

  • Are you a principle-centered individual? What are your principles for business and business relationships?
  • What is your purpose for contacting them?
  • What is your process for engaging them?

Be anchored in your principles, able to articulate your purpose and use a clearly defined process. Articulating your principles and your purpose should always precede the implementation of your Business Development process.

The key to being a true Business Development Professional is to understand your value, as your company’s representative, in the transaction. The key ingredient is you … your principles, your purpose and your ability to help the client resolve their issues and concerns and negotiate a comfortable win-win process. This position differentiates you from others in the marketplace, and it helps you differentiate your products and services from your competitors.


2020 Mastering Business Development 3-Day Open Workshop

September Tuesday 22 – Thursday 24, 2020 (Charlotte, NC)

October Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22, 2020 (Charlotte, NC)

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