Business Development is Hysterical Activity

Business Development Is Hysterical Activity on the Way to the Grave; It Is Not Relevant Social Behavior.

Do you find yourself taking your role as a Business Development Professional too seriously? Over the many years we’ve been helping students differentiate between and prioritize self-identity and role-identity, it still surprises us how many students continue to place their professional role at the top of their priority list. While your role-identity as a Business Development Professional generates revenue and provides financial security for you and your family, it’s simply not the most important role you play. It’s just one of the many roles you play in your life … true? To break it down, your professional role affords you the daily opportunity to help other people, learn new and interesting things, receive financial reward, and, if you choose, the opportunity to have fun!

In the greater scheme of life and in light of our mission, Business Development is really hysterical activity. Those of us who’ve been in the role for any length of time have lived through more human behavior stories than could be found in the most colorful New York Times bestseller. Quite honestly, Business Development is not activity that often engenders the most relevant social behavior. Look at your daily behaviors. Consider the questions you ask, the behavior you exhibit, your ability to engage other people, and your ability to work from their perspective. These are not the behaviors you would expect to be exhibited by the typical Business Development Professional.

To be even more successful in Business Development, lighten up, enjoy the journey, learn from your prospects and learn from your experiences. As a professional Business Developer, don’t take yourself or any situation too seriously, and always be thankful for your resulting opportunities.