The Burden of Proof Is on the Prospect.

Traditional sales people labor under an unfair burden and disadvantage. Psychologically, they believe that when approaching a potential customer, they have to prove the value of their product or service. Because of this misconception, they immediately begin promoting or pushing features and benefits, and consequently meet resistance from the prospect.

The MBDi Business Development Process® is uniquely different. It’s based on the understanding that without the prospect acknowledging they have a problem and wishing to solve it, there is no need to promote features and benefits. The key is getting the prospect to see, acknowledge and own their problems. The burden of proof is on the prospect initially acknowledging a problem, and then ultimately wanting a solution. In the final analysis, your challenge is to get the prospects to prove this to themselves. This shift in thinking and process takes all the pressure off the Business Development Professional. Through Socratic questioning, done in a nurturing way, the professional will be able to allow the prospect the opportunity to prove their position.

An insightful client once shared: “If the prospect can’t prove to you that they have a problem, why are you trying to prove that you have a solution?”

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