Your Prospects Don't Care About You But They Love to Talk About Themselves

Your Prospects Don’t Care About You … But They Love to Talk About Themselves.

Prospects and individuals in general are self-centered and really only care about themselves. Given the opportunity, they are happy to discuss every detail of their world, situation and challenges. Listening to you talk about how wonderful your company is and how great your products and services are, doesn’t make their top ten list.

After gathering all of the information on your prospect’s company, products, services, market and financials, your tendency is to lump this data with your product knowledge and spill it during the interview. You are better off asking questions about what you already know through your homework. Why? Because this position allows you to really understand the person and situation from their perspective. You’re seen as a business professional who is sincerely interested in what is important and relevant to them.

When engaging a prospective client, do you tend to fly through the bonding and positioning steps? Why are you in such a hurry? Your time invested in listening and learning early in the process plays a significant role in building a long-term business relationship. The foundation of trust you construct early on by asking the easy questions benefits you later when you must ask the hard, painful questions.


Let your prospects talk about themselves and their world. They’ll love to tell you, if you just ask and listen.


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