The Key to Business Development Is Learning What Pains You Solve

The Key to Business Development Is Learning What Pains You Solve

Learning what pains you solve in Business Development begins with an understanding of how and why people buy. Unfortunately, most of us fail to understand what ultimately motivates the buyer’s decision making process. Specifically, we fail to discipline ourselves in our process to learn from the prospect’s perspective what real problems and issues we solve for them. This means looking beyond the described symptoms and digging down to the real problem, which is often disguised or hidden. In Business Development we refer to this as “The Principle of the First Cause.” The frustrations at the top of the prospect’s worry list are usually the first-person, personal pains which point to the First Cause.

To be effective, we must learn to think from the prospect’s perspective. We need to ask hard questions to uncover their pains or concerns that will be addressed by purchasing from us.

Learn to understand and focus on what pain looks like from your prospect’s point of view. If you focus on the pains which are extracting an emotional toll from your prospect, you will be able to bond and position at the right level with them, allowing you to qualify efficiently and effectively within your Business Development process.

Your purpose is to take things off your client’s worry list.

Learn the art of winning conversations and how to get our of our own way.