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Is Your Company in a Graveyard Spiral?

Is Your Company in a Graveyard Spiral?

OK. You just spotted an RFP on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website that is a perfect match for your government contracting business. It’s exactly the kind of work you do and unquestionably the type of expertise and experience your company possesses. So you need to immediately gather the troops and get everyone started on writing the proposal. A no-brainer right? Wrong. Before you do anything, you need to answer these questions. Do you really know this customer and truly understand the issues behind the proposal? And even more importantly; does this customer know you? If not, you may be in serious trouble.

Questions or Statements

Questions or Statements?

Stop and take a moment to think about the kinds of questions you ask your Prospects. Is your tendency to ask long, overly focused questions or short, open-ended questions? As a Business Development Professional, it is critical to understand the value of a good question as it is one of the primary ways to gather valuable intelligence. However, it is important to note that not all questions are created equal. Over the years we have found that short, simple questions often elicit a more valuable and complete response. As you deliver your question to the prospect, be sure you are not “leading the witness” by asking long winded questions or starting the question with a statement.