Is Your Company in a Graveyard Spiral?

OK. You just spotted an RFP on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website that is a perfect match for your government contracting business. It’s exactly the kind of work you do and [...]


Why the Postman Has No Call Reluctance.

“…neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds. Ever.” [...]


Practice. Drill. Rehearse.

“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.” … Eric Lindros (professional ice hockey player) One [...]


We’re Not Happy Until They’re Not Happy

This brilliant insight was offered by one of our attendees during a recent training event and it really makes a strong point about the role of Business Development. People buy, organizations do [...]


Pick the Role, Set the Goal and Pay the Toll.

To thrive in the “new normal” of Business Development, every component of your individual BD process must be both efficient and effective. What may have enabled you to win [...]


Questions or Statements?

Stop and take a moment to think about the kinds of questions you ask your Prospects. Is your tendency to ask long, overly focused questions or short, open-ended questions? As a Business [...]


C3 (Credibility, Confidence & Courage) = Success in Business Development

Credibility, Confidence and Courage are three interwoven factors that are essential to an individual’s success in Business Development. These key elements make us powerful, efficient and [...]


Know that you have value in the relationship

The distinguishing factor in many business development situations is you as an individual. Know yourself, your principals, your purpose, your values and your ethics. Have confidence in your [...]

Conceptually – Stay outside your comfort zone

In Business Development, it's never about you. It's all about the client and their needs, their concerns, their perspective of the problem, and ultimately, their decision about the solution. In [...]


Always have a goal; activity is not accomplishment

Do your homework the first time and on every call. Focus it around the Four Cornerstones of Business Development. Pay special attention to people knowledge; what has changed about the individual [...]


To Be Successful in Business Development … Know Your 3-Cs

The 3-Cs, Credibility, Confidence and Courage, are three interwoven factors that are essential to an individual’s success in developing business. These key elements make us efficient and [...]


Don’t Get Mad At People For Doing What You Never Told Them Not to Do.

As professionals in Business Development we have to take responsibility for the nature of our relationship with our customer. Prevent issues from becoming negative issues by negotiating and [...]


Your Prospects Don’t Care About You … But They Love to Talk About Themselves.

Prospects and individuals in general are self-centered and really only care about themselves. Given the opportunity, they are happy to discuss every detail of their world, situation and [...]


Don’t Look Too Good or Talk Too Wise.

In his poem “If”, Rudyard Kipling shares examples on how to relate to others and exhibit grace, class and humility. People are comfortable with and instinctively trust those individuals who they [...]


Do You See “No” As the End or the Beginning?

One of the defining characteristics between amateurs and Business Development Professionals is their early pursuit of “no.” Business Development professionals have moved beyond fearing rejection [...]