Principles, Purpose and Process

Professionals in Business Development understand the interrelationship among principles, purpose and process. In your initial contact with potential clients, here are the first three things they [...]


There Are No Customers Who Do Not Buy, but Simply Prospects Who Fail to Qualify.

Many people in sales and Business Development believe the reason a prospect didn’t buy is that they lacked sufficient information, enough justification or adequate incentives convincing [...]


The Thinking That Got You Here Is Not the Thinking That Will Get You Where You Need to Go!

Changing our thinking is not an easy task. After collecting some life experiences, if we are lucky, we are able to reflect on our past and identify what may be holding us back. Through this [...]


Shapers, Fakers and Order-Takers

In #BusinessDevelopment, make sure you know how to separate the Shapers, Fakers and Order-Takers.   Few positions have the success of an organization weighing on them like Business [...]


Goal Power: All Motivation Is Ultimately Self-Motivation.

It has been mentioned before that all motivation is self-motivation. But, this time we’ll focus on the power that goals have as a motivation catalyst. More than most fields, Business [...]